Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Social values, moral, ethics and engineering brain circuitry

Let's explore the relationship between social awareness brain circuitry and brain circuitry responsible for engineering.

Since, in accordance to my theory, moral, ethical (derived), emotional values are hard wired responsive circuitry in brain, ME circuitry, they will respond to any stimulus, event, object, concept thrown at them. Amazingly enough not that emotional or moral response will be present for known things, but, the response will be there for things and concepts never seen before, like new inventions, discoveries etc. Engineering has no axiomatic or logical connections with moral or emotional (ME) circuitry. Connections are made once the engineering solution is presented to the brain. Finding engineering solutions, using axiomatic web of physics laws, send non stop moral and emotional signals to ME circuitry. Yet these signals rarely helps finding the engineering solution for particular task or problem. You have to think in other, engineering, way. However, ignoring moral and emotional response while dealing with engineering problems will make you an social misfit, eccentric, and neurotic possibly.

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