Tuesday, January 11, 2011

One Way How to Increase Motivation to Exercise

We do not like to do monotone things, in a gym, for one hour. We do not like to exercise because of that boredom. Lack of motivation has a strong presence in our plans to be fit.

In order to improve motivation I came up with one idea. What if the gym is organized as a series of rooms (in the same area). Each room has a different exercise equipment. You go from room to room and do not spend more than two, to three minutes in each room. You do as much as you can in each room and move on. You have different space each time you start the specific exercise and you KNOW you will not be on one machine for one hour! So, you will go through ten rooms say, and do ten different exercises in each room, in average two, three minutes spend in each. That's 20 to 30 min good workout, if not more! Not bad to do couple of times a week! It's quick, it's fast, there is a rapid change in exercises, and monotonicity and boredom are eliminated.

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