Friday, February 11, 2011

Comparison Between Making Movies and Physics, Mathematics

You will rarely see the movie whose sole purpose is to explain events from the point of view of physics (not talking about educational movies or documentaries). While the events presented in the movie can be analyzed from the physics point of view, like, calculating energy, motion, mass exchange, speed, force, these kind of results are not the purpose of the movies. In the movies you will use "What..if" method to construct events in order to explore their humanistic values, their emotional, moral, ethical values.

When you want to make a movie, you don't have to wait for an invention to be actually made and available. Let your imagination go its way by assuming that some inventions and discoveries are already there, but focus on humanistic part of the story and emotional, moral, ethical messages.

A good movie has an axiomatic system of its own. Otherwise the movie will be unrealistic, incoherent, inconsistent at least. Don't think that mathematics only has axiomatic systems.

In movies you use "What..if" constructs to make a story and within it to explore human experiences and values, while in mathematics you use "what..if" to construct new propositions and theorems. However, underlying logical thinking is the same in either case of creative work.


  1. I really like the movie Primer for how it shows scientists (or at least engineers) working. They don't explain every term but talk comfortably with each other.

    Of course the "what if" parts of that movie get a little intense but that's what the xkcd timeline is for
    -Andy (@arundquist)

  2. Funny cartoons, definitely! I have bookmarked it..
    Have not heard about Primer...

  3. oh it's great, you have to check it out. Right up there with Fight Club and Memento