Sunday, April 29, 2012

One useful exercise to reduce student's frustration with mathematics

One useful exercise for kids learning math. Let them decide what to do with numbers.
Let them select the number by themselves from these two groups of numbers, as well as operations on them.

Then, another exercise can be to ask student to measure, count something and find the number that represent that count. Adding another object to that count, and find the matching operation on the picture.

These exercises will show kids that mathematics can be dealt independently of real world objects. It will also show that it is us who can chose the numbers and sequences of operations on them, or we can obtain numbers by measurements. It should be shown to student that math does not know how we obtained the numbers. For math it is important only with which numbers it is dealing with. It is us who keep track, aside from that diagram, what is counted and why. That can be called applied math.

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